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Bridget loves her game and she and Brendan play it quite a bit. They keep talking about funny places to play it and take pictures to send you. The most outrageous so far has been a hot tub. We don't have one mind you, but we'll be staying with friends in a couple of weeks that do have one. I heard Bridget talking to Brendan one day saying "we can't forget to pack tumblewood so we can play it in the hot tub and take a picture!"
- Betty Lynne - Fairview, NC

This is a very well made product; the pieces are very smooth and the use of a hard wood makes the product more durable. The odd shapes, unlike the other similar game with pieces that exactly the same size and shape, makes the game more challenging since you can really make it more difficult for your opponent depending on how you position your pieces. In addition, since the pieces are all irregular in shape, the building process is never the same; each game is unique. As if that isn't challenging enough, as you stack the pieces, the tower takes on a shape all its own; sometimes, it may start to lean, depending on how the pieces are stacked one upon the other, which also adds to the suspense. One of the best comments I can make about this product is that it is MADE IN THE USA--and NOT in another country on the other side of the world where mass productions is quickly becoming the norm. These pieces are all hand-made and individually shaped based on how they were cut. I was so impressed with this idea, I purchased three (3) sets. The benefit of additional sets is that you can create multiple stacks that can be joined together to make a much larger structure. Since no two games are the same, the permutations for the designs are literally endless.
- Paul - Hattiesburg, MS

We've been selling Tumblewood at G.Willikers! Toy Shop for several weeks now, and it's getting great reviews! Our customers love that it appeals to so many ages, and especially appreciate that it's made in the USA! It makes a great "Made in New England" gift for our out of state travelers to bring home as a memory of their trip.
We are so glad we "Tumbled upon" Chris Gray and this fantastic game!

- Jody Breneman - Co-owner, G.Willikers! Toy Shop - Portsmouth, NH

We did not play Tumblewood until we had some close friends come in for a weekend. We started the game with only reading a few lines of the instructions because one of the four of use was always talking (as is the custom). We played several games, making up rules as we went. We just talked and played and played and talked. We had a great time without thinking about who was wining or really what we were doing. After we moved on to the hot tub Amy (a very completive game player) said “ That game seems like it would be fun to really play”. The next day we read more of the directions played a few games paying attention, that was fun too!
- Eddie - Lebanon, TN

This may seem unusual at first glance, but I truly believe that because Tumblewood is a game that invites couples, families, and friends to gather around a table and spend time having fun together, that it actually makes a great addition to any home.
It is a game that allows for creative expression in play. Also, because it is not overly complicated, time spent playing Tumblewood is time that folks can carry on conversations that at once occurred every evening around the dinner table.
In a world where so much communication occurs across some electronic device, I believe that we have a basic human need to reconnect face to face and within earshot of one another. Consider that the world might just become a better place if we PLAY now and then with the people we care about. For husbands and wives, children and parents and grandparents, and between friends, Tumblewood offers a chance to have some fun and reconnect in each others lives.
At $34.95 Tumblewood is less expensive and quite possibly more beneficial than a single Counseling session. Additionally, I offer a Money Back Guarantee that you will enjoy playing Tumblewood.

- Chris Gray - Creator of Tumblewood

My kids LOVE the game we purchased. Additionally, we have been amazed at how much we didn't know about each Quin thinks like an engineer.....and how Alex thinks manipulatively 3 or 4 steps ahead.... hahaha.....but mostly.....we TALK......and we laugh lots......and to do that as a family where everyone actually WANTS to be at the kitchen table amazing.
- Sean T. via Facebook

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