Tumblewood is a game that I invented and make in Maine. Each set has 55 pieces of hand split white birch that has been tumbled for hours so that surfaces are smooth and corners are rounded. The set comes in a custom made pine box with a slide top. Years of play will make your Tumblewood set even better, as the patina of age and use will make each piece even more unique. Family fun for kids, parents, and grandparents to play together. Great party game that is fun, as up to 8 gather around a table to play, laugh, and talk. 100% Made in the USA and Made in Maine. Even the wooden box and the printed rules are made in Maine.

As of mid July 2012, Tumblewood sets have been shipped to 33 different U.S. States and 7 different countries.

Copyright 2011 Chris Gray. Tumblewood is a Registered Trademark

The game sells for $34.95 and shipping is $5 for the first game and just $2.50 for each additional game ordered and shipped to the same address. I offer a Money Back Guarantee that you will have fun playing Tumblewood or I will buy it back.

There are six official Tumblewood games described in the rules, but Tumblewood is a creative game and it is perfectly suited to having creative rules applied. I invite those who purchase Tumblewood to send photos of your clan having fun with Tumblewood. As Tumblewood spans the globe, I look forward to seeing the new and different places it is played.


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